The Nasty Thing

(Pepper, the dog, speaking)
Man, I was thirsty. I barked at mom and she knew. We two were already in a store. Mom looked through the water bottles to get the water I could drink. The one with no flavor.
After checking it out, she showed me a bottle of Arrowhead Sparking Water, which I likeeeed. We went in the parking lot and she poured half of it in my bowl.
Now that was a nasty surprise. The water was Wild Cherry essence, the worst essence you could add in any water. It was like cilantro on my chicken breast. Yucky!
Mom said she carefully chose this water and that nothing was written on the label about the cilantro thing, I mean the wild cherry thing. I didn’t believe that.
We went back in the store and mom picked up the most tastier water after the Glacier one: Fiji. Just to find out that it was $3.15 – mom looked at me and said:
” I wished here would be a pond for you to drink with no charge.” When she say my eyes, she continued: ” A nice pond.”
I ended up with Dasani purified water, which I hate, but I drank it anyway.
Thirst is a nasty thing.

“Better Go Away”

I like story nights.

Mom opened the book and started to read.

<It was early in the morning when this farmer went to the gate to let the cow go to the pasture with the village cows. When he turned back to close the door, he saw a little bird sitting there in the dust. He looked both sides to see if the birdie belonged to somebody, but no one was there to claim her.

Some people were coming down the street and the farmer waited to talk to them.

“I found this bird at my door. Do you want it?”

No, nobody wanted it.

So, the man took the bird in and let her be with his poultry in the backyard.

The hens and the chickens, the turkey, the geese and the ducks were not happy to have such a not so worrying about living creature among them. But they let it be.

Until one day.

The little bird was playing in the sunshine when she started to chirp. The chirp turned into an amazing song that made all the animals in the farm stop and listen. The melody was getting in their hearts, healing the wounds, bringing hope and courage for the day.

The farmer was working in the vegetable garden. When he heard the song his worries were lifted up and his spirit was strengthened.  He smiled for the first time in days.

“This little one is a real gift for us,” he said and continued to listen.

But the envy crept in. The backyard became a sea of words and opinions between the feathered beings.

“Who does she thinks she is?” “Why care about her songs?” “She is less then any of us.” “We have the rights here, not her.”

Then the turkey took charge of the situation and went to talk to the bird.

“You have to stop singing. Nobody wants to listen to you. Your song is meaningless. You better go away.”

These heavy words made the new bird weep. She was feeling so wounded. Brokenhearted, she went in a corner of the stable and stayed there and sobbed.

But something happened. The rooster, the ducks, the chicks, the pigeons, came one by one and comforted her with hugs and words of encouragement.

“Your song is health-giving. Keep singing and don’t listen to the choir of disheartenment. You have an unique gift. Use it. Strengthen your heart and continue to sing.”

So, the bird wiped her tears and renewed her song. And she still sings today.

There will always be two choirs in your life: one to encourage you and lift you up, and one to make you fearful and tear you down. Take courage and use your gift. It’s worth it. >


Mom closed the book and looked at me. She patted my back and smiled.

I knew she would never put me down.

And I knew that I will always lift her up.