Pepper and the Open Gate – Here is who I am

“There were some people talking about Pepper picwhat happened and how unusual and excited some things can be. And they were right.

So I decided I must tell you my story.

My name is Pepper and I am two.

My dad was a handsome and strong German Shepherd and my mom was a delightful Husky. An amazing combination, people would say. I came out black and brown with blue eyes like my mom’s. When I first saw myself in the mirror of the water bowl, I liked what I saw. Thrilled and curious I thought that the funny face I looked at was the face of a friend and I wanted to touch it. It didn’t help that I went with my paw through the water and spilled it on the floor.

Well, that was my first experience out of my mom’s bed and somehow I understood that the cute face in the water was mine. My heart bubbled: I was cute. When I came back from my discovery Mom pulled me close to her and kissed my head.

Dad was an experienced Police dog and I admired that so much. He wanted a boy, to follow in his career, but it just happened that I was a girl. I didn’t mind I was a girl because I knew what I wanted in life: I wanted to be a detective dog, something like my dad. I wanted to make him proud of me.

As I said, I got the blue eyes from mom, and her spirit of adventure. On the other hand, dad hoped that I would grow disciplined and obedient like him, but let’s say it: that didn’t work out.

Most of the time I did what I wanted.”


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