Don’t Grab That!

Tail Day was great! I held my tail up for everybody to admire it. Then I got tired. Mom said it was all right to get tired of doing certain things, so I gave up of impressing others. And that was good.

Then I took a tour of our neighborhood, only I and my leash when mom was on the phone. And that was good also because I could go and say “Hi!” to my best friend Kodiak. Kodiak and I don’t live on the same street, but if you know what fences to jump and what backyards to take, you get there in no time. I fell in a pool last time, and it was so refreshing! And the ducks teaching their little ones how to swim were too preoccupied to rescue their babies then to be upset with me. One dayI will try that again.

When I got in the backyard, Kodiak was playing with an estranged cat. The cat was so shocked of the Great Dane that she couldn’t move. And Kodiak had to move her from here to there, and back. Then we three played together. By the time I had to go home, the cat seemed pretty relaxed and was eating from Kodiak’s food. I bet she was tired. As a kind and caring friend I am, I helped her and the both of us finished Kodiak’s dry food and his water from his bowl. He didn’t mind. Then his mom came and I really had to go home. You already know that my grandparents live next to Kodiak’s parents and that there is a small wooden gate between the two neighbors. But I couldn’t go and stay there, like I did sometimes, because they were on vacation.

So, I said “Good Bye” to Kodiak and I wanted to take the little, orphan cat with me. But when I got her in my mouth, like my natural mom used to carry me, Kodiak’s mom wouldn’t let me take her.

“Leave it here, you silly dog! This is our new cat.”

Well, I had to leave it there., because you can not just go around people’s houses, grab their cats and make them your siblings or pets. You can not do that.

But I would have been very appreciative if Kodiak would have told me that he got a cat.

It was my pleasure to forgivecropped-picccc.jpg him, anyway. He was not so much of a talker.


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