Grandparents and Neighbors

I was peacefully eating a piece of cake from an abandoned plate at a gathering, when mom called my name.


I like my name. I like when mom and children say it to give me something good, like bacon and hugs, but this time my mom’s voice was different.

“Did she see what I was doing?” I finished what I was doing, carefully cleaned my mouth and got off behind that counter in the light.

“Pepper!” She saw me and I went to meet her wagging my tail.

Then I saw my grandparents. They were there with mom and their neighbors, Kodiak’s parents. I knew I wasn’t supposed to, but I jumped on grandpa’s new shirt a few times, then on grandma, sniffing her purse with mints, but didn’t get too familiar with the neighbors. Kodiak wasn’t there.

“This dog is full of sugar,” grandma observed.

Suddenly I became obedient and sat next to mom without moving.

“It’s good she didn’t get into the coffee pot, though. Sugar and caffeine, can you imagine?” grandpa stated.

“Like a bomb,” mom said and everybody laughed.

Then I understood why mom called me. They all wanted to take a picture with me and my new book. I don’t have that picture. But I’m posting one for youIMG_2359 from “Pepper and the Open Gate.”

You can see it here:


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