The Dog House

Mom put a dog house in the patio.

A dog house is a house for dogs, where dogs can get there and spend some time alone, and people can not get inside because of their big size. It’s nice to have a dog house because it can be a great treasury for car keys, shoes all colors, favorite blanket, one spoon, a watch, half a gallon of milk and dollar bills. What I don’t like about my dog house is the fact that Kodiak can not get there because he is too big, and my house is too small. I don’t know how to fix that, and if any of you have any idea, please let me know.

Meanwhile I play outside my house when Kodiak comes along. Actually, he got to push his head through the door one day and made acquaintance with the snail I found on the sidewalk and I carried him in my house to be my roommate. The snail is not so much of a social creature though, and spending most of his days and nights in his shell he calls it “house.” Anyway, I think nobody asked him about how he would like his house to be, and he ended up with a trailer.

I have to go. I’m on the fence right now looking for a bird to share my house with. Birds are talkative and they have many relatives to come for a visit. And we could spend great time together and play when Kodiak can not come.

“Birdie, birdie, birdie, come to Pepper!”  IMG_2192


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