Scary! I’ve Got a Pimple

This was the scariest moment in my life, if I didn’t count the time when I got lost and ended up in a kind of orphanage, and the day when Kodiak run away and I had to go thorough a whole ordeal to save him.( About this last story you can find out in my book coming up in September.)

Anyway, let me start with the beginning. You know I’m two years old and I always considered myself a puppy, even if I didn’t admitted it out loud. Mom would call me “my baby” when I would be the most obedient pet and that kept me nice and safe in the world of the puppies. No problem about that: I am a doggy at heart, and I will always be.

But I saw this movie that made my hair raise. It was about this girl getting older. And suddenly, her face was covered in pimples. Watching that transformation was so hard on me that I couldn’t see it anymore. I had to go on the patio to get some fresh air and  a candy bar from the trash. Mom laughed at me. She said that what I saw it wasn’t even a movie, it was an add about some lotion for people with this kind of condition. The fear pulled my tail up like a flag. What if I would be transformed in a pimple dog over night?

The tragic situation came to past. When I woke up this morning, this huge blister came out on the margin of my mouth.

Who had ever seen a dog with a pimple? Mom said it was an inflammation “from all the scraps you eat from the garbage can.”

But who knows? I would give away my next dinner for a nice piece of sore instead of the zit.

I hope it will go away.



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