The Media Dog


My first time raspberry picking was extraordinary: Mom, bees, and walks. Bees are OK if they are tired. This is Mom. I took the picture.


From the Well of a Deep Thinker – Pepper the Dog

Flies – their way of communication is understandable in any language. They land on you, sit on you, wake you up. They like you. You don’t like them.

Airplanes- something up high in the sky. They make no harm since they can not come down when you bark at them. Their noise is less then of the helicopters’.

Helicopters – have strong lights during the night, so that you can see your toes in your bed. You don’t pay them to come. They just come. The noise they make is strong enough to make Uncle Joe speak in his sleep. You don’t know Uncle Joe. He is new around here.

Sidewalk- a hot area along the green lawns during the days. You can find there a coin or even a snail when you walk. The snail can be in a hurry to get to his fellows under the bushes because of the heat in August.

Food – good or bad stuff. Most of the time is good because of the chicken breast and beef that accompany it. Pancakes, breads, muffins are so and so. Fruit, you don’t touch them. Eggs, the forgotten butter on the counter, chilly beef, soups without lids, try them all and decide for yourself. Fish can be good or not, cat food – boring. Your own food in your own bowl – if it’s from today, taste it.If it’s from yesterday, put it in the trash.

Friends- they love you no matter what. You love them back.

Strange dogs in the park – give them a chance. They can share their treats with you.

Pepper – that’s me.

Energy-less – Brain-less

It takes a while to think straight early in the morning. Just ponder on this: You are a school student. You don’t want to wake up at 7am to go to school. How is your brain when you hear a voice calling you:”Time to get up.”? Isn’t it blurry?

Or, you need to go to work and you have to wake up before 8AM. How do you feel? Coffee-les? Energy-less? Brain-less?

Well, when I hear that voice calling me to wake up, I just ignore it. Then, when the intensity of the sound gets heavier, I cover my ears. Then when Mom shows up in the room, I’m under the bed. She needs to put some effort there to disturb me, right? Then when she pulls me out, I feel miserable.

Not every morning is like this. Most of the days I’m left alone when Mom goes to work, and I’m fine. Really. But when she needs to take me to the grandparents for whatever reason, I can be a monster of her morning. If I feel miserable, she can feel it too.

Then something happens: a pat on my back, a hug,  bacon and eggs, a few kind words, and I feel great.

I’m up now and off we go.

Thinking Flamingo

The best thing about flamingos is that they have long legs to walk the streams and puddles. I don’t have that. When I tried the ditch near our new park I got my belly in the muddy water. Yes, my legs are short.

Another best thing about flamingos is that when you pat them on their head, they are soft. Not me. When you pat me on my head my fur is pointy, sometimes like needles.

And finally, another best thing about flamingos is that that when they open their wings and play, they can hide an ice cream machine behind them and nobody could see it. Not me, again. I have no wings.

Still thinking.

Walking the Happy Land

Mom took me to Disneyland, I mean to IKEA.

Man, that place was busy. Got on the stairs, sat, and looked down at the people behind us while the stairs were moving: that was my favorite ride. I wished it would take longer. Then the excursion began. I had to strongly guard paws and tail from hypnotized crowds zombie walking. When I looked at mom, her face had the same look: eyes wide open, silly excitement, not-too-much-carrying-about-her-dog state. But I didn’t mind. I thought it was good for people to be children again and enjoy Disney, I mean IKEA.

Walking and watching from about two feet above the sea level, I saw legs, bluejeans, tanned skin, tattoos… It was a whole world just there in front of me. Got to befriend a baby in a stroller and lick his bald head, then I borrowed a llolypop from a little girl who didn’t want it anymore.

The trail was long. Then another beautiful thing happened- Mom put me in her cart and pushed me around. I felt like a cinema star. If only Kodiak could see me on the top of the kitchen towels and a pair of folded plastic chairs. Finally, we stopped at the Swedish bar: 0.50c for a hotdog, who could beat that? I stayed in awe.

I know there are places in the world that can mesmerize you. And the Swedish bar with their hotdogs and pizza is one of them.

Don’t go there.

Scary! I’ve Got a Pimple

This was the scariest moment in my life, if I didn’t count the time when I got lost and ended up in a kind of orphanage, and the day when Kodiak run away and I had to go thorough a whole ordeal to save him.( About this last story you can find out in my book coming up in September.)

Anyway, let me start with the beginning. You know I’m two years old and I always considered myself a puppy, even if I didn’t admitted it out loud. Mom would call me “my baby” when I would be the most obedient pet and that kept me nice and safe in the world of the puppies. No problem about that: I am a doggy at heart, and I will always be.

But I saw this movie that made my hair raise. It was about this girl getting older. And suddenly, her face was covered in pimples. Watching that transformation was so hard on me that I couldn’t see it anymore. I had to go on the patio to get some fresh air and  a candy bar from the trash. Mom laughed at me. She said that what I saw it wasn’t even a movie, it was an add about some lotion for people with this kind of condition. The fear pulled my tail up like a flag. What if I would be transformed in a pimple dog over night?

The tragic situation came to past. When I woke up this morning, this huge blister came out on the margin of my mouth.

Who had ever seen a dog with a pimple? Mom said it was an inflammation “from all the scraps you eat from the garbage can.”

But who knows? I would give away my next dinner for a nice piece of sore instead of the zit.

I hope it will go away.