Living with an Alien

Alien are supposed to be green, right? Thin, big eyes, long legs and arms, up in the air antennas…
My adopted mom is an alien.
I can hear you saying: ” that’s impossible.”
Well, mom is not green, but she gets that chocolate tan on summers. She says it’s from the sun, but I’m sure that’s not the whole truth. If her skin can change so dramatically, she is an alien, but a different kind.
Then her eyes: you should see her eyes when she puts on her contacts- big and scary, with the round thing sticking out like a tennis ball. Those are of an alien, I tell you.
Long legs and arms, check.
And a big heart.
I can’t wait to see mom turning green in spring, with sprouts of antennas on her head. I’ll post a picture.
( Pepper the dog here.)


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