The Real Deal

Right down the hill it’s a gym, a small one. I went and talked to the owner to pay for a pass.
“No passes here, but sessions.”
Great, me and my English…”What’s a session?”
I liked his smile.
“Well, a session is when you come, and do any exercise here, stay for as long as you want and pay $65.”
“For the whole session?” I ask.
Hmmm, I stand there and do the math. If I come for 30 min that means $130 per hour. No, that might not work.
If I stay here for 2 hours that will cut the price in two.
How about being here for 10 hours? Wow! That would be a real deal.
But the most amazing thing is if I would just move in, that deal would be as low as $2 and some cents per day until I get slim.
Meanwhile I have to walk up and down these hills. And I just don’t hate it.


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