Maybe you are accustomed with my last blog post, “Uncomfortable Truth”.
Now we move from “I’m not going to be a victim here” to the next step, “I’m in charge.”

The easy thing to do in our society is to build walls between people. It doesn’t cost a dime. We are too private to let somebody get close to us. We have a good reason for it. We don’t want to be vulnerable and get hurt.

I was new in America and for the first time in my actual church. When the service was over, my children and I went on the patio and looked around and waited. There was only one person who came to greet us.
We were used to have lots of people in our lives back in Romania and chatting after church with tens of friends was such a dear fellowship. Now we were alone in a foreign country and in a new church.

Then I made a plan.

The following Sunday after the service I looked around again. I saw elderly people at the tables on the patio waiting for their loved ones to come and pick them up. I walked to the nearest lady and said “Hi!” The woman smiled and greeted me back. Then I introduced myself. We got to talk. It didn’t take long and her family came. The elderly person introduced me to her loved ones and soon, a good number of people from church knew us.

I know, but introvert or extrovert, we were made for relationships. Don’t wait for somebody else to come to you. They might not come. So, you go! Say “Hi!” to somebody you’ve never greeted before.

Don’t say “I’m better by myself.” That might be healthy for a while, but not forever.

“Nobody can understand me.”
“I don’t want to be judged.”
“I don’t have energy to invest in strangers.”
“Nobody cares about me anyway.”
“People are weird.”
And so on…
People need people. People need to talk to somebody. We were designed to help others carry their burdens. It’s a two-way road.

I was on the plane to Europe a few years ago and right after she took a seat, the lady next to me closed her eyes. I understood she was sad. We took off and, when she opened her eyes and looked at me, she smiled. That was the moment when we started to talk. It was so precious to see her sharing her life story with me. There was a lot of pain in her life, and just having me there to listen and pray with her, brought some degree of healing.

Somebody said they didn’t know their neighbors even though they lived there for forty years. Wow!

Most of the time, people will not flood towards you.
You have to take the lead and get to know them, because we need each other.


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