Got a New Message

imagesOne of my young readers messaged me on Facebook again and it’s precious.

“hi Rodica Lova”

“Hi, there! What’s new?”

“we got a new puppy.”

“OOOO! That’s so great? What’s his name?”

“her name is Priscella”

“Super! What breed?”

“were not really sure she’s some type of mix.But she’s a small dog she’s so adorable!”

“I’m so glad for you! Do you know the meaning oh her name? ’cause I looked it up:)”

“i dont really know what does her name mean?”

“It says that it means “Longevity” in Latin.”

“oh ill tell Pricella what her name means”

“I just saw her picture: Beautiful!”

“thank you ill tell her you think shes beatuful”

“Thank you! She would like that:)”

“yep! she just took a bath this morning she got dirty.”

“O, I hope she enjoyed it. Who gave her a bath?”

“my aunt did”

“You are funny.”

“thank you”

“Any plans for today?”

“we might go to the river”

“That would be nice. No rivers here.”

“what should we name her Pircella Blanca or cleopatra? no rivers?”

“No rivers, no water, but the ocean. It’s a severe drought.”


“…I like both Bianca and Cleopatra. Which of them do you like?”

“i dont really know there all nice names but i think shes already used to Pircella. ITS SO HARD TO NAME PETS LOL.”

“I know!”

“ill talk with you later im going to play with Pircella
we’ll call her Pircella for now”

“Good! Thank you for chatting with me:)”

“your welcome”

Check out this puppy’s adventures in “Pepper and the Open Gate” and “Pepper and the Man with the Shack”

Her Message

imagesI was on Facebook, when a young reader messaged me. I loved, loved our conversation :

“hi Rodica Iova are you an auother”

“Yes, I am:)
Did you read some of my books?”

“i think we got one or 2 of your books we got one called Pepper and the open gat and the one with the wagon i loved those books they were so cut i really loved pepper and the open gate”

“Oh, thank you! Yes, Pepper is a darling. Still around here, at one of my friend’s house.”


“Yeap! I wrote another book about her: Pepper and the man with a shack – mysteryyyyy:)”

“oh than i might have to ask my mom to order that one.pepper and the open gate left of at a good part!”

“Haha, I knew my readers would like to read the next book:)”

“it gets me pumped up to think about the ending of Pepper and the open gate!
now its my little brothers turn to read it !”

“I’m glad you are a team there.”

“i bet he’ll love it!”

“You have to tell me what he thought:)”

“I will
are you writing a new book yet?”

“Oh, yes:) A few:)”
“i wanted to ask if you could wright a book about fairies?”

“Fairies? Oh, that would be something new for me.”

“oh im gonna go now i want to play with my brothers..”

Pepper and the Open Gate

Pepper and the Man with the Shack