Five Ways of Cheating on Yourself Frequently and Loving It

imagesEverybody knows cheating is bad, but there are ways of cheating on yourself and be happier.

1. When you make the monthly budget, round up the amount you have to pay for your bills. Let’s say, if you regularly pay $76 on your phone bill, think of it as $80. Do the same with the other bills, and by the time the money gallop out of your account, you’ll be glad to see some “leftovers.”

2. When you go and get yourself a Starbucks gift card, buy 2. Put one in your wallet to use it and the second one in a place where you don’t look every day. You’ll “surprise” yourself when you’ll “find” it.

3.When you have cash, take a few small bills and put them away to “hide” them from you. You’ll be happy to stumble over them later.

4. I know this one is old, but it works well: put your alarm clock 10-15 minutes earlier in the morning, if that works for you. It could be a great time to start the day, walking a few steps outside the door and taking in the quietness.
When everybody’s up and running through the house, you are ready for the day.

5. When you have to do a project that would take more than a session, try to do more work in the beginning. Next time when you go to continue it, you’ll be pleased to see you have less to do.


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