This Will Take You Where You Aim

download (1)I took a management class in the past and there were a few practical things that stayed with me over the years.

Knowing how to manage your time can make the difference between living with purpose and living in chaos.

What works for me is The Eisenhower Method. He said:

“I have two kinds of problems, the urgent and the important.” (From “A Man’s Life, Personal Development” by McKay; Brett; Kate. )

Eisenhower doesn’t claim this perception to be of his own, but to a “former college president.” ( August 19, 1954, “Address at the Second Assembly of the World Council of Churches” )

This time management principle is known today as The Eisenhower Decision Principle and focuses on priorities.

Everyday tasks are evaluated and placed under the important/unimportant and urgent/not urgent criteria.

What to do:

1. Address the issue immediately and personally when it is important and urgent.

2. Plan ahead and do it personally when the problem is important but not urgent.

3. Delegate anything that is urgent but not important.

4. Drop anything that is not important and not urgent.


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