-After a True Story-

downloadThere was a man and his wife living in a small house in a village in Transylvania. It was in the late 50’s when the communist Russia had put its own commander to lead Romania. The food was scarce and people working in factories had to stay in long lines to get it.

It was a little easier for the peasants who had a patch of land behind their house and a few chickens in the yard. But the bad news was that they had to give a portion of their harvest to the government, to the communists.

Maria, the woman in this story, was saving the eggs from her hens to go and sell them at the farmers’ market the following week. They needed to buy a new basket for their household, since the old one was too shabby. Every morning at breakfast John, her husband, was keeping asking her for a fried egg, but the wife was unmoved in collecting and saving the eggs.

“You’ll eat one next week,” she kept telling him getting ready to visit her sister.

Then she left.

The man hurried and pulled out the container full of eggs from under the daybed in the kitchen.

He started the fire in the stove and placed a big pan on top of it. Oiled it with sunflower oil and began to break egg after egg, filling the whole pan with eggs. When he counted them, there were 17.

The man friend them and pulled the pan on the side of the stove to keep it warm and went and cut a few slices of bread.

Then he ate and ate. He ate them all.

No need to say that by the time his wife came back home, he was in bed, sick to death. It took a few days to recover from the egg shock.

Next day the communist agents  knocked at the door to collect their share of eggs from Maria and John.

“We have no eggs.” Maria said making room for the uninvited guests to step inside.

The agents looked under the bed, searched the small pantry, went through the cabinets, but in vain.

“You lie, woman. Where are the eggs?”

Maria pulled out her hanky from her pocket and wiped her eyes.

“Our hens are lazy,” and she blew her nose.

The men looked at the bed where John was suffering.

“What’s wrong with him?” one asked.

“He is sick, my John. I hope none of you would catch it.”

The communists bursted outside and didn’t came back for a month.

When they entered the yard again to get the eggs, John was eating an apple.


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