Reasoning with a Six Year Old


Two weeks ago, Katelin comes to see me.

“Hi, grandma Buni. I have this for you,” and she hands me a red paper heart she had made at church.

“I appreciate your gift, but I can’t receive it.”

Wide eyes. “Why?”

I try to stay serious. “I have the feeling that you like it too much to give it away.”

“Please, take it. I would love you to have it.” She places the precious piece of art in my hands.

“I will treasure it,” I say and hold it at my chest.

Last week.

Katelin comes for a visit again and sees the valued heart on my table.

“I’m sorry, Buni, but I have to take it back.”

I mimic stupefaction and let myself in the chair.

“You can’t do that.”

She picks it up and reassures me, “Next time I will give you something else.”

I massage my forehead with one of my hands.

“But I like this heart so much. You gave it to me.”

She hides it at her back.

“I’m sorry. I really need it, too.”

I shake my head and take a deep breath. The little girl tries to comfort me caressing my cheek.

“Don’t cry, Buni. I’ll bring you something really pretty next time. I promise.”

When she leaves the house, she forgets the gem on my table. Can’t wait to see what she does when she comes back.





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