Reasoning with a Two (almost) Year Old


7:30 AM and wiping some dog poop off my shoe.Then I knock at the door. It is my day with Milena.

Her mommy: “She is tired already.” Mommy and Papa leave to work.

I: “Night-night, Mili?”

She, yawning : “No.”

Putting her in her crib. Cry. Taking her out of the crib.

“Hungry?” I ask.

“Fish,” she answers.

I have her in the high chair with fish crackers.

She, shaking her head: “No.”

I, making a scrambled egg: “Egg?”




I, bringing the heavy artillery: “Berries?”

“No. Fish.”

Fish crackers, egg, yogurt and berries are on her plate, in separate sections.

“No. Fish.”

I pause.

She, starting to make a mess:”Fish.”

I really wished I knew what fish she was talking about.

I put her down on the floor.

“Where is the fish?”

She stretches her arm pointing to the counter.

Yeap. There it is, a black fish in a small tank I haven’t seen earlier.

“Are you hungry?” I don’t let go.






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