Reasoning with a 14 Month Old

Restaurant. Crosby starts eating graham crackers while waiting to be seated. Some of us play hide and seek.

Following the hostess. Crosby gets the high chair. We don’t. He also gets two teaspoons, some fresh bread and a few little bags with his own stuff.

He almost gets a knife, his uncle’s green salad and the apple juice when our juggling-server spills it.

Playing with a straw in the iced- water high glass. Fun. Buni holds him. The cake arrives. Birthday singing and he spills the water on both himself and grandma Buni. They need dry pants. He gets one. Buni doesn’t.


IMG_1551“Crosby, here are your toys.”

“Mom.” His voice is so sweet.

“Let’s play with the puppets.”


“Look, this is your box.”


“We keep that cupboard closed.”

“…” Opening the cupboard again.

“Here is your big red plastic bowl and your wooden spoon.”

Joy. Pac! Pac!

Something is stinky here.

Diaper. Scream. Clean boy.




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