Dream Big

Dream-Big-twitterWe were given unique talents to use and make a difference around us. I remember my grandfather from my mom’s side. He enriched my world playing his musical instruments made of corn stalks. His hands were blistered from working in the field during the day but at night, the toil changed into joy, songs and dance.

My grandmothers had the skills to feed their families almost from nothing. They went through the second world war keeping everybody safe and fed. They had to hide their daughters while the Germans and then the Russians were tramping their villages.They had an almost impossible dream for their family and they pursued it.

My parents kept that dream. They worked to give me and my sister a dream, that we could be more than they were.

Then I started to dream big and I learned that dreaming big can make others uncomfortable or can inspire them to grow wings and pursue their own dreams. It’s not about what people say, but what your own heart says. You soar high, as high as you can and pass on your passion. Tomorrow someone would fly high because of you.


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