Patience and Kindergarteners

I –  filling up some paperwork.
She: Would you play with me?
I: Of course. Just give me a few minutes to finish this.
She, leaning on my arm: I will stand here until you finish.
I: OK. It will take a little bit.
She: That’s fine. (Bending to see my face.) Would you play with me with the ball?
I, keeping writing numbers and stuff: Just give me a little more time.
She is silent for one second. Then: Look, we have this small ball. It’s a plastic one.
I, nodding my head.
She: Are you done?
The ball lands on my lap.
She: Sorry, Buni!
I: Don’t worry. Just let me finish this and we’ll play.
She waits. She sits on one of my legs and rocks the chair.
I master this.
Then we play with the ball.

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