Norway – Where They Take Away Your Children


Once upon a time, there was a sweet family of seven, five children and their parents living in Norway. The oldest was 10 year old and the youngest, 3 month old. The parents loved their two daughters and three sons to pieces, providing and caring for them, and teaching them to be people of good character. The neighbors, the teachers at school, and all those who knew Bodnariu Family had only words of praise toward them.

One day while on the school bus, there was a fight between some students. The two Bodnariu girls were watching. The officials came and interrogated everybody about the fight. They interrogated the two girls, without notifying their parents. The Norway Children Social Services Barnevernet went from asking about the fight in the bus, to investigate if the girls were happy at home. They concluded that the parents sometimes put their children in time-out and even spanked them. They took the girls on the spot and placed them in foster care. The same day, Barnevernet went and took the other three children from home. The mother was nursing the baby, but they took him anyway and placed all the five children in foster care. They told the children that their parents didn’t love them.

There was no warning, no counseling, no court, nothing but the Barnevernet’s abuse.

Three months went by since these parents cried their hearts out after their babies. Tens of thousands of people everywhere in the world manifest against Norway’s Barnevernet. The Bodnariu Family’s lawyer shared on TV that fostering children was a real business in Norway, both for the government and for the foster parents. A good percentage of the jobs in Norway are the social workers. They have to show activity in order to justify their salary. The lawyer also specified that being a foster parent was very profitable financially.

Meanwhile, parents and children suffer from tremendous injustice.

Norway, give back the children to Bodnariu Family!

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protest familia bodnariu norvegia


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