The Secret 


I see her and I make a small motion with my head, a sign only between us.  She understands. She looks at her parents. They are busy taking  a seat around the table in the restaurant. Her little brother asks for raisins. So, she gets next to me in the booth, and waits.

I lean towards her, covering my mouth.

“I have to tell you a secret.”

She freezes with the children’s menu in her hand. Barely can speak.

“What secret?” 

I take a deep breath. She needs to know.

” There are two dead spiders on the carpet where we live.”

The surprise is overwhelming, but she manages it well.

“Where?” She is biting her lip, making a plan.

” On the hallway to the first bathroom.” 

“Buni, don’t do anything. I need to see them.”


The dead insects are still there until she comes. 

                        The End 


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