She Knows That I Know


22 month old. She screams when I take her form the park, but she is so tired that she wants to sit in the stroller.

Home and getting her ready for a nap. She doesn’t show any resistance when I put her in her crib. I close  the door and leave her sleep.

But she doesn’t sleep. She talks and plays by herself. After a while, she yells. I know that shout and go to pick her up and change her diaper.

She holds her nose between two fingers, a sign of the smelly stuff. No smell in the room, though. I get her in my arms and take her in the living room. The wet wipes are at hand. Well, I start changing her and I see her being strangely still, not playful like usual. Surprise! Clean diaper. I look at her and she avoids my eye.

“You are not dirty,” I say with a serious face.

She stares at the wall beyond me. No move, but her little eyelids fluttering from time to time.

She knows that I know.


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