While Flu – ing

 Thinking straight is not a hundred percent norm while going through the flu. Burning eyes, chest congestion and the sweet feeling of fainting, are. Weird, but there are a few things still that caught my brain today.

1. My body’s strength is quite limited even though I gulp the anti-flu cocktails by gallon. 

2. Some thoughts make me emotional and weeping. No, it’s not about thinking that I’m dying, because I’m not. Just the fact that I miss my children and my grandchildren, and my mother and my sister, and my friends… ( By the way, my children and grandchildren live close by.)

3. Tomorrow I should be better. I hope that, even though I learned that a few family members throw up since yesterday and they seem worse today. 

4. Like they say, “Life is fragile. Handle it with prayers.”


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