How to Be a Snob


The recipe is not hard.

Spend time with people who think they are the best in the world because of some personal or family merit/inheritance. Agree with them a little bit, and the seed is planted. Mingle with them and copy the way they do life, and your thinking gets altered.

The giant seed of entitlement shoots roots and the new plant grows.

Nothing to worry about. It’s just the scary face of a monster. Of a blind monster.

Too Inconvenient


When it’s about an object, it is OK.

When it’s about a person, it might be devastating. Open hands of acceptance may transform “the unnecessary and the unworthy” into somobody beautiful and full of meaning.


This happened to Victor.

One Long Morning


Little girl was almost ready to go outside.

She put on her exquisite accessory, her new bib, the one with a bunny, and went to the door. Actually, she wasn’t ready yet. She turned back. Grabbed five packages of Ramen Noodle Soup and threw them on the bottom of her pink shopping cart. The packages were her new toys.

Then she yawned. The cart was too heavy.

I picked her up and put her in her crib.