Romanians – The Way We Are

maxresdefaultAs I’m getting immersed in the culture of my birth country for a little while again, there are a few things that make me think.
1- The beautiful environment of my green and colorful city is filled with cigarette smoke. The air can be unbreathable. We smoke a lot.
2- Most of the time, we are friendly, especially with foreigners and visitors. We are helpful, ready to go the extra mile.
3- We walk on the street not on the right side like you might think, but claiming the entire sidewalk for ourselves. If we bump into you, it’s all right. You get used to it because we are in a hurry.
4- We still have the feeling that we are in an ongoing everyday existential battle with each other. It is the mentality from under the communism before 1989. We get suspicious when, in a line at an office, you go ahead only to ask a question. Stay in the line!
5- Every little store, office or area have strict rules. You have to place the shopping basket only under the moving belt in this store, or only at the end of the belt at another store, or…You can’t do what you want. It’s our store. You have to learn the rules.
6- We’ll feed you and your kids anywhere. If we eat in public, you get a piece of what we have. And yes, your kids would get chocolate, candies, and all kinds of sweets. It’s our way to say, “we care about you.”
7- We love to socialize. We have many friends. We love our friends. Friends and family make our life better. We drop by anytime for a coffee and a croissant. We call you when you are sick, get something for you from the market, share our recipes with you, know everything about you as you know everything about us, give you advice in any matter, tell you how to raise your kids, how much is our salary and how much is our mortgage. If your TV needs to be fixed, we know somebody who knows somebody to help you. We’ll invite you on vacation with us, or to spend the weekend at our parents, and you’ll get the best of everything.
We love you.


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