“Mama Rules” on Kindle

IMG_4366“Mama Rules” is a collection of hilarious short stories for when life needs some flavor. Keep your elders around.


The Kindergartener’s Rules


My Daughter-in-love,’facetiming’: “Katelin, tell Buni where were you today.”
K, eating spinach: “We went to Miss’s X class. She is going to be my first grade teacher.”
I: “That’s great, Katelin. You are going to be in first grade on September. Did you like Miss X?”
K: “She told us the rules. If somebody get’s in your face, you stretch your arm and say, ‘Stop!’ Walking steps and no bad words. “
!: “Those are good rules, right?”
K: “No bad words, Buni. Not even the word ‘poop.’ ”
The End