Her First Letter to Santa

Christmas Child Write Letter to Santa Claus, Kid in Santa Hat WrThis is what my granddaughter, who just learned the letters, told me she was going to write in her first letter to Santa.
“Buni, I’m going to ask Santa to bring you one thousand babies.”
I roll my eyes. How does she know that number?
“No, thank you. Ask something for yourself.”
She is unmovable in her decision. When she smiles, I can see that one of her new teeth is bigger than the others. She is adorable. I keep frowning and shaking my head.
“Don’t do it, Katelin Hope.”
She doesn’t care. She has the power.
“Then I’ll come and see you with all those babies in your arms. They will even pull your hair.”
“Noooo!” I whisper. I hold her hands and beg. “You need to help me care for all the babies.”
She takes a deep breath of satisfaction.
“Then I’ll go home.”

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