No, Thank You -3-

chinaWe had the second meeting for the trip. My friends shared the process of raising their support, and were enthusiastic about every step forward regarding such a travel. I was enthusiastic about the fact that our pastor was coming with us, just to find out that he probably couldn’t make it.
I still had not a dime on my name into the $6,400 and I decided to contribute with $20. I sent the money to church for my account.

In order to be honest with myself and my team, and do my part, I set up a date when I decided I would start writing letters to my family and friends asking for their financial support. Meanwhile I prayed to God.
Maybe you are familiar with the idea that God uses our hardships for something good. I didn’t understand it all the time, but I saw this pattern in my life. It was obvious for me that, if the Lord wanted me to go to China, was because of my experience under a communist regime. Because you can read about the communism and study the subject, but it can’t beat up life experience. Which, believe me, I had it in full.

My landlord’s family had a big celebration in the house and I was invited as well. We were around the big table in the dining room when Sandy, the lady who said she was inspired by my decision to go to China, shared her news. She had sent over 60 letters asking for support and the money were coming in. “I even need to get more money than you,” she continued, “because I want to have an entire room for myself when we check in the hotels.” There were the options to have a roommate or use a single room, and naturally, the price for the two choices was different.
It was my turn to speak and I shared that I had only a little sum of money on my name and that after my appointed date, I would send out my letters for sponsorship.

There were a few people connected to my work and we discussed about my trip now and then. They liked to listen about my China team preparations and kept me in high regard for my decision to go and help Chinese people with Bibles. But other than that, nobody shared with me any interest in sustaining me on my trip.

Life went on and there were only a few days before I was going to start writing letters.
One day I was making myself some lunch in the kitchen when I received a phone call from my church office. The news made me sat down on a chair to avoid fainting. The associate pastor informed me that they received $10,000 for my trip to cover the cost of the mission and my personal needs in the foreign country.

God had just showed up again the way only He could do it: Marvelous.

(to be continued)

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