St. Patrick’s Day and a Little Confusion

20151128_213936Our first grader came home from school with a handful of chocolate gold coins she found in a bucket at school. She strongly testified that the leprechauns placed them there for anybody to find. Her honest deposition is that they are tiny creatures. “They are invisible and they are like from a fairy tale.”
Her younger brother couldn’t be convinced that that was exclusively his sister’s treasure, fact strongly disputed before entering the house and after. The jury is still debating and are not ready to decide yet if she could keep the whole amount of 4 (four) chocolate gold coins.
Some socialist thoughts wanted to push her to part them equally between she and her brother. Communist ideas were ready to force her to keep 1/2 of 1 coin, give the other half to the little brother and 3 coins to the government. The capitalist ideas encouraged her to keep the whole amount for herself and make a small donation to a foundation of her choice.
Meanwhile, somebody ate one coin.
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