No, Thank You -27-


We were leaving the next day to Beijing. The connection we made with people from villages and cities and especially with this pastor, were so strong that the thought of our departure was hard to bear. It was way beyond our normal ability to love. From the human point of view, they were strangers I barely could tell one face from another. But the bond of friendship between us was profound.

Next morning we packed our bags and carried them out to the van, where the lady pastor was waiting to accompany us to the train station. If you knew me, I took many trips in my life and made friends everywhere, but nobody in the world felt so close to my heart like that woman of God. I wept all the way to the rail station. She wept sitting next to me and holding my hand. It was the same feeling you have when you say goodbye to your loved one forever.

When I took my oldest children to the airport in Romania, one month apart from each other, to fly to the United States where they moved, the separation was so devastating for me that I wandered the streets crying out loud after them.

Now I was going through the same pain. We were sisters in Christ and were not allowed to see each other again on this earth. I had no picture of her, only a few memories to treasure for a lifetime.

We got off the car and pulled our bags to the building to get our tickets. My dear lady friend and the driver came with us. The man handed us a bag full of fruit to have for our journey. The halls were packed with people rushing to the trains and we had to move quickly to catch ours. There was no time to say much. We fell into each other’s arms and wished that moment would not come to an end. But a few minutes later, we were boarding a crowded high-speed train to the capital of China.

-To be continued-

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