Taxes, Duh !

A few days left to do my taxes.
Early this morning – getting mentally ready to go through personal docs to find the Tax File.
I don’t take an early breakfast.
Breakfast anyway.
Thinking of looking for that file.
Watched Live our Secretary of State’s Rex Tillerson statements in Moscow.
Came in my office and cognitively tracked down personal docs’s location.
Swept the floor in the kitchen. Slowly.
I need to do my taxes.
Pulled out the Tax File.
Found some family pictures in the process.
I miss my mom.
Maybe I should eat some fruit.
Green tea it is.
Second green tea.
Opened the Tax File.
I feel I could use another coffee.
I don’t like procrastination. I will just do this.
The End
*LAUGH A LITTLE with Rodica Iova’s “The Couch Day”
Check it out on the link:

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