When Tired


Sometimes when you are too tired, it’s like finding yourself in a deep well, and trying hard to get out of there. But your body might not be able to come out right away, because it needs time to recuperate.

Raw Materials

I was talking to one of my sons about an unexpected miracle he experienced at work, when this came to my heart:
When we pray to God, most of the times He will match His answer with the raw materials – faith, trust, doubts, worries, etc- we operate in our daily life.
Our routine faith will bring His intervention to the level we trust in Him. When we feed our trust in Him daily, to make it grow, our life develops stronger faith, an unmovable determination in partnering with Him to do exceedingly more than we need or dream.
Fear, doubts, worries or anything like these would limit His intervention in us. He would work using the raw materials we offer.
Ultimately, there is nothing that can limit His power and miracles in our lives, but us.
I remember this lady I know personally, whose children were sick. She prayed something like this, “Lord, heal my children. Make any sickness that might come upon them come on me.” As you see, she started her prayer in faith. But then she settled for something weird. Her children grew up healthy, while she was sick all her life.
Learn to push your faith to grow. Don’s settle for less. Ask for great things. Invest your life to be friends with God, as Abraham was. That’s where every good thing comes from, from that relationship.
“Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and comes down from the Father of lights, with whom there is no variation or shadow of turning.” James 1:17

Terror Attack

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THE TERRORISTS count on the element of SURPRISE, FEAR and PANIC.
We can not let ourselves be slaughtered as sheep in the slaughter house. TERRORISTS don’t have ownership over the number of the days and years of our lives. GOD HAS.
We need to prepare and be ready.
Educating ourselves, our family and friends how to deal with:
PREPARATION is one of the keys.