TWO- ‘ “My father in Romania passed away unexpectedly that spring in 2012. The news saddened me deeply. He was the man who encouraged me all my life. I flew over the Atlantic for his funeral and I had cabbage leaves in a baggy to use during my stay. By the end of the three weeks with my mother, the mass on my thigh

was gone. Before leaving my birth city, I paid to do some blood tests at a lab and it showed there was some infection. I didn’t see a doctor. After talking to a pharmacist, I asked for antibiotics. I took them and that was it.

I’ll come back with more details, but after a few more months, I found myself with a mass under my arm.

After reading medical articles and the results of a number of scientists in this area of study, this is what I found out. The increasing level of stress and other factors developed the lumps in my body.

“Stress fuels cancer spread by triggering master gene.” This article was published in the Journal of Clinical Investigation. “Stress could be the unifying theme in cancer spread. Previous studies have shown that stress is a risk factor for cancer, and for example that, psychological stress is linked to breast cancer aggressiveness.” (1)

If you, dear ladies, want to know how to search for lumps in your breasts, I found that there are three ways you can do it.

  1. When you take a shower and wash your upper part, feel with your fingers if there are any abnormalities.
  2. In front of a mirror – look for any modification in size and color of the breasts.
  3. When you lay down on your back, search with your hand for any hard mass in your breasts or under your arms.

If you find something, make an appointment with your doctor. Be also aware if there is any liquid coming from your nipples. (2)


Stress, worry, fear, anxiety, they have the potential to pollute the human body. After years of observation, a doctor in Alba Iulia, Romania, who helps patients fight against cancer, stated that, “The main factor that leads to cancer is stress.” ‘

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