Why – Going Through the Unknown

“At this point, after quitting my job at the bank, I was looking to change business fields. I had already started writing books in English, my second language, and wanted to turn it into a writing career in the US.

Before that, in Romania, I had several volumes published by traditional publishing houses. Writing books was my passion along with teaching.

Now I needed a part-time job with flexible hours, a job where I would interact with people. One day I found out about a company that helped elderly clients with their appointments and everyday tasks. They hired me and after a few weeks of helping an elderly couple with their appointments, the office called me on my phone.

“We have a new client who asks for a Christian caregiver. We told her and her daughter about you.”

The elderly lady and her family had prayed before God for the right person who would come to help them. The office introduced us to each other and that was the beginning of a precious friendship between this sweet eighty-year-old lady and her dear family and I.

My new friend had had breast cancer and it was in remission for a few years, but it eventually came back. I remember taking her to the doctors’ appointments. They scheduled chemotherapy after a while. We went there. Everything was well during the procedure, but when my friend got home, she felt that the technique was too hard on her body and she didn’t want to do it anymore.

Her family looked for alternative procedures. They talked to doctors, friends and prayed consistently and they decided to have their mother on Vitamin C infusions, along with the ‘oxygen chamber’ technique and other non-invading practices.

My dear friend’s schedule was pretty busy with these procedures and we became regulars at the medical offices. Everybody knew us there. We laughed a lot and kept our spirits high. But after a few months – it was during the fall of 2012 – the cancer began to spread in her body. My friend’s strength was fading away to the point that she wasn’t able to do her treatments anymore.”


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