So Different and So Close

urlSOMETIMES I WATCH out the window the little birds hopping on the fresh watered lawn. There are all kinds. A pair of grey doves are the most sophisticated. They have a special spot where they scratch the ground for seeds. Every single morning.

Then there is this little black one that likes to hang out on the rail by the tomato pots. Yellow beak, with a chubby body, he puffs up his feathers to look bigger. Then we have a crow. Loud, demanding but pretty scared of any loud sound. Finches? There is a couple of them chirping when they find something good. And those mocking birds that spy our grass and plants from the palm trees across the street: when they fly over, everybody else has to go. Otherwise there would be a fight.

But the most numerous kinds are the hummingbirds. Some of them are so curious and daring that they would come to pick on my colorful shirt.
New visitors, the yellow birds and the blue ones, come now and then and hide in the bushes on the side of the driveway. They are so beautiful! Seagulls? They love to be right by the water and don’t fly on top of the hill very often. And when they come it’s early in the morning, and only to take a tour of the neighborhood.

All these creatures are so different, but they make my world beautiful. And yes, they can coexist together.