The House -2-


I cracked the door and then opened it wide to the limit where it hit the edge of the deck’s rail. That was the way it was. It crossed my mind that whoever built it, didn’t have in mind the renter’s good, but the owner’s expenses. Anyway, I left that thought behind and stepped inside.

The air was stuffed from the half-full garbage bag. Left my purse on the table and took the bag out, behind the open door. Strange. I could feel somebody was still behind the blinds at the house across from me.

“Hi,” I said and halted for a moment to see who was there. I heard a thud. “Are you all right?” I asked and waited for a couple of moments. There was no answer. A seagull flopped his wings on top of the house, looking for food. So, I tied the garbage bag to keep it from the bird.

There were seconds until the gate screeched, announcing my son’s arrival. By the time I took off my light jacket, he was up the stairs with one of my boxes.

“I guess you found a parking spot,” I stated and stretched my arms to help him with the load.

“Yeah. I told you there was no big deal during the weekdays, mom.” He placed the box on the floor and went down the stairs for the other ones.

I couldn’t wait to have all my stuff inside and walk to the beach.


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