The House -4-


“Hi, neighbor,” I said and stood there in the middle of the room watching my guest. “Are you hungry?’ I asked and waited. The cat didn’t move. Adam had told me about this cat paying him a visit on the porch now and then. “She doesn’t come inside, just sits there to see. Maybe she was used with the former tenant.”

I opened the fridge again and did’t find anything for cat or for me. With a handful of chips in hand and my purse strapped across my chest I locked the door to go out. The feline leaped on the rail and made his way on top of the roof. I walked down the stairs, carefully to make it on the middle of the steps – you could see spots of wood eaten by termites – and crossed in the common yard. The little cottages were tucked next to each other alongside a narrow pathway.

I closed the small gate towards our apartment and left behind the burgundy bush in full bloom.

The second house from where we lived was under construction and the builders were giving directions to each other in loud voice. The hammers and drilling and all the commotion made me hurry on the road between the garages. I could see the ocean. Said “Hi!” to a neighbor who was unloading some cabinets and took my way to the store. I really needed to eat something. My stomach was hurting.

From the top of a garage transformed in a nice deck, a dog started barking at me. Then I remembered what one of the voters told me yesterday at the voting poll where I volunteered. “I was supposed to vote by mail, but my dog ate the ballot.”

Life can be unpredictable.


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