The House -5-


A young couple got on the street in front of me, heading to the beach. She was wearing a red swimsuit, bra and thong, and nothing else. Perfect nonchalant body caring a beach tote on her shoulder. I slowed down to give them space and crossed the road to the store. The parking lot was full with cars slowly going in and out like old snails. I called myself blessed to have a designated parking spot a hundred feet from there and not freak out looking for parking every time I had to drive across the bridge.

I passed by the bunches of sunflowers placed at the entrance and caught the price with the corner of my eye, $5,99. Almost double I used to pay at another store. The guy by the fried chicken area greeted me.

I could have some chicken.

“Hi, ” I greeted him back. “What are the deals?”

He opened his arms in a wide move. “Today we have 8 pieces for $5. Otherwise you will get 4 for $4, 8 for $8 or the meal, 2 pieces and 2 sides for $7.”

“May I get 2 pieces only?”

He puckered his lips, “I’m afraid not.”

“Let me have a small container of broccoli salad, then.”

“Are you new in town?” he asked with a smile.

“In this area, yes.”

“If you don’t live too far from us, drop by during the day for last-minute sales. You’ll find good treasures.”

I thanked him, grabbed a plastic fork from the counter and went to the register to pay. An elderly guy got there a split of a second after me. I saw him frowning.

“Are you in a hurry?” I asked making room for him to go ahead.

He shook his head and relaxed.

“Not anymore.” And let me be first.

“You are smart,” I added and continued. “Actually, you are wise.”


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