The House -15-


“Hi,” I waved at her. She was surprised to see me.

“I think I have something that belongs to you.”

The woman raised her eyebrows and dismissed me pretty rudely. “I don’t think so.”

Now that was something I didn’t expect. I watched her crossing the street and getting in the house where I met Phillip. One thing was sure. She as I was interested in the house next to us, the dead woman’s house.

“Mom, where did you get this?” Adam came in the door frame with the strange wallet, looking in it. “It’s wet.”

“I found it in the water.”

That sounded weird to him. “In the water?”

“Yeah, in the ocean.”

Then this came to me, “Hopefully nobody drowned,” I said. That thought was worrying. “I should of talked to a lifeguard or a policeman. Actually, I thought it belonged to this guy who couldn’t find his wallet in the store.”

“And you brought it home.”

For a few moments I felt like a child scolded by her father. I didn’t want to, but I started laughing. “Come on, Adam. I found this object, asked the people around if they lost it in the water, but nobody did. And guess what? As I was walking to the store to leave it there, just in case if the guy would have come back, you called and asked me to find your paper.”

“It looks rich, with monogram and everything.” He used the exact words I had in mind when I found it. “I like it.”

“Yeah, but it’s not yours.” I squeezed by him and halted by my pile of stuff. I needed to put it away.

“What is this?’ my son asked pulling out some sort of plastic from the wallet.




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