The HOUSE – A Towel on the Floor -25-


I went back to the bathroom window and took a glance of the interior again. A towel I haven’t seen before was wet on the floor by the door. No way! I was there for the entire time. How was it possible that someone used a towel and left it on the floor, and I didn’t hear or see anything? Because everything must have happened in the short time frame when I was trying peeking through the big window.

A pelican showed up in the air not far from the house. I picked up my hairpin and went back in the apartment.

I didn’t do much that morning. It was still too hot for me to go and walk on the beach, and I preferred to wait until the afternoon.

Then I heard Phillip. He was on the phone with somebody. I didn’t want to intrude, but I was curious about his aunt. A heart attack was a terrible thing and thinking of that, I remembered my parents. They both had passed away unexpectedly from a heart attack. And here I was, suffering from a heart disease the way they did. Well, I wasn’t scared of death because I knew my days were in God’s hands, as strange as some may think about that. It was comforting for me to hold to that inner knowledge.

Went back on the veranda and held to the rail. The wooden stairs needed some repair, but I started to get used to it the way it was. When I got out on the alley, Philip was closing the garage door.

“How is your aunt?” I asked.

He looked under the garage door to see who was asking and then the door closed. The next minute he opened it again.

“My aunt is not well at all,” he stated walking outside.

“I’m so sorry to hear that.”

He lit a cigarette.

“Maybe the doctors will be able to help her,” I continued. Then I heard myself saying, “Would you mind showing me your mother’s house? It looks so interesting.”


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