The Basement – The HOUSE -29


I heard the helicopter of the Police circling in the air somewhere near by. Nothing new for this area. With the exception of the towel I saw on the floor and the disappearance of it, and of a faded smell of some chemical, everything else looked all right to me. But I wanted to take full advantage of this visit and get answers about the few things I’ve perceived being out of place in the last hours since I’ve moved on the Peninsula.

So, I dared.

“Phillip, maybe we should go in the basement.”

The young man came out from one of the rooms with something that looked like a small knife.

“I didn’t know mom held to this for such a long time. Gosh! The blade is almost gone.”

“Where did you find it?” I moved toward him to see. “Do you want to keep it?”

“This belonged to my grandpa. It was handmade.” My neighbor didn’t answer to any of my questions and went back to check for more stuff.

I could tell he was pretty moved going through a past time when he was a little boy with his mama.

I took on a small hall and then down the stairs. Interesting. From a particular level underground, there was a new addition of stairs. The concrete looked new and there was a barely perceptive line on the wall from where the new steps were added. I kept going down for way more than only to getting to a regular basement. There was no switch for lights and I held to the wall to make sure I don’t trip.

There was a door at the end of the stairs and the moment I opened it, the smell of chemical grew in intensity. I didn’t dare to take another step until I checked the wall to turn some lights on. They were not hard to find and when I turned the switch I was speechless.

There was a pool covering the whole area and continuing in a tunnel at the end of the building.



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