Shred of Light – The HOUSE -32


-CONTINUATION – (Read “In the Tunnel” first.)

The young man motioned his head. “No. If I don’t find what’s going on here, I’ll try to come back again and maybe that wouldn’t be possible anymore.” His blunt answer rolled my feelings in a state of panic. I wasn’t sure for how long I could keep myself together and not climb on his back or something. I was cold and scared.

Every few seconds a new wave broke into the tunnel, moving the body of water up and down.

A few steps further, and we barely could feel the ground

anymore. I saw Phillip floating, and I did the same. I felt so scared that I could feel my heart curling into a ball. I realized there was no sense on focusing on the situation where I have placed myself. I tried to pull myself together and follow my neighbor. Far ahead, the darkness gave in to a shred of light.

“Are you all right?” he asked me.

I wasn’t all right. I was feeling half dead, but there was no other way to survive. I had to get to the end, whatever that end was.

The wall on my right turned into a rock structure made of huge blocks on top of each other.

“I know where we are,” Phillip said waiting for me again. “Are you able to hold your breath?” I was holding my breath most of the time since I was in the tunnel and taking in gasps of air now and then. Hyperventilation made me feel extremely tired.


“I think we have to go through a blanket of water to get outside

in the open. It looks like the end of the corridor is under the water.”

I saw the surface tilting, if that was even possible. Actually the wall on one side of the tunnel and the blocks on the other side were coming to such an angle that made the water pour inside to the ceiling.

Maybe that was it, I thought.

If the tide I had to swim through was too thick, I was done.


-To be continued –


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