Wave Breakers – The HOUSE – 34


(Continuation – Read “The HOUSE -33” first )

While resting to gain my strength, my neighbor went on a scout. He swam to the end of the blocks and managed to get out of the water.

These constructions built from the shore to some length into the ocean were open for the public most of the time. But when the waves were too big or during high tides, the lifeguards on duty kept the people away. Otherwise, audacious tourists liked to take a chance to climb and walk all the way to the end.


I pulled myself up on another rock to try to see the shore. I couldn’t recognize the cottages afar. If we came on a straight line from the house to the ocean, the closest way to get to the water was under the street ending with a couple of palm trees. I looked for the palm trees and they were pretty far, at the end of the sidewalk.

From that point further there were the cottages with a semi private shore. I’ve never been there before.

Then I remembered.


There was one time when soon-to-be my ex took me to a beach party a while ago. It was dark when we got there and I couldn’t recognize the house, but it was on this beach, on the outskirts of Newport. When we got there, a few couples had had already too much to drink and looked overjoyed to see us. One man seemed sober though, my ex’s new business partner, as my ex introduced him to me.

“Phillip, ” I called as I saw the young man swimming back. “Did you find anything?”

“I don’t know.” He blew his nose and held on to the rock near me. “Everything looks normal, but one thing.”

I waited.

“Someone took the time to paint the end of the blocks in white.” He paused and waved his hand. “Anyway, maybe this is the norm and they do it to every construction, ” he continued.

“How about when you go surfing?” I asked. “Do you remember any of these blocks in Newport Beach being painted?” My question didn’t bring too much light. “I don’t remember. I don’t do surfing at the end of the wave breakers, but between them.”

Great! After the ordeal I went through trying to stay alive while swimming under the water, we had more questions than answers.

“What now?”

The man let his body in the water and called. “We go back.”

-To be continued –


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