One Delight per Week


SATURDAYS WERE SCHOOL days for me and work days for mom and dad. Anyway, there was that sweet feeling in our hearts that, after coming home from school and work, we would have one day and a half just for ourselves. From 8AM-12 at noon, that was the shortest school day of the week. Even the teachers were more relaxed in the classroom and never asked us to do big projects or tests on Saturdays.

When my parents worked first shift together – which happened every other week – I knew they would be late home. Because they would do grocery shopping on their way home. During the week, the shopping for food was limited to fresh bread and vegetables, but on Saturdays and maybe on Sundays was different, when we had the money. They stayed in long lines to get meat for our Sunday meal and cold cuts for my lunches for school.
We were blessed to have my grandparents from my mother’s side who sustained us with food basics from the village.

I was playing outside with my friends on our beautiful street that had a wide area of grass, flower gardens and maple trees all along from one end of the street to the other.Then I would see my parents walking at home with heavy bags reaching down to their ankles, and barely keeping their balance. That was a good sign, a sign that we were rich.

And I got to be the envy of my friends that day.

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