The One Hundred Dollar Bills -1-



I didn’t forget about finishing my mystery book “The House”. I am glad that many of you enjoyed reading it and I promise I’ll work on finishing what I’ve started and post it here.

Now, here is a prize for YOU, my readers who enjoy mystery by the beach.

I’m ready to publish my latest short mystery story on Kindle. However, because you are part of my team, I’m posting it here for you to read it for free.

“The One Hundred Dollar Bills” comes in 3 installments.

– Part One –

The One Hundred Dollar Bills

Short Mystery Story


Rodica Iova


A Dash of Suspense and Humor


It was almost dawn on the Balboa Peninsula when Spencer looked in his fridge. Even though he was sure he wouldn’t find anything to eat, only some leftovers from 8 days ago. He knew the right number of days because that was when Julia left, for good. Jeb the butcher, his new roommate, didn’t use the fridge.

Spencer ate at work when he finished his night shift an hour ago, but he would really enjoy a snack, a piece of cheese or something before going surfing.

He gulped down a bottle of water and put on the wetsuit. Spencer was kind of tired from work, but he knew going in the water would make him feel better. One of his buddies called him “depressed” the other day, but Spencer didn’t want to admit that. Julia wasn’t the only girl who left him, and he always moved on with the light speed.

The breeze picked up and he liked the brisk through his long hair. The surfboard was in the alley between the houses and the man walked to the end of the street carrying it on a side. The waves rocked the immensity of the water in a calm sequence. It was 7 AM and he could see a few surfers quite a distance from the shore.

A seagull was eating something on the sand and didn’t move when he put down his surfboard close to it. Then he saw and marveled. The feathered creature was pecking into a bill, a one-hundred-bill.

Spencer smiled at such unexpected fortune. “Hush! Go away!” As he bent down to pick up the money, the bird didn’t let go. It moved away and continued making holes in the valuable paper.

“Where did you get that?” Spencer stretched his leg to dab the bird, when a new seagull crossed his way flying with another bill in its beak. “This is crazy! Who brings such amount of cash to the beach?” The man could feel his body getting tense as the adrenaline kicked in.

He got nearer to the bird that was pecking on the money and tried to catch it. Sadly, the seagull flew away with a piece of the bill. Spencer picked up the fragments left on the sand and chuckled, “Easy come, easy go…” Then he saw the paper was stained in red. The intense color stayed on his fingers and he realized it was blood. That explained why the seagulls tried to eat it.


(To be continued)

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