9/11 Cry Over the Ocean

This day 18 years ago my children were still on vacation and we were all at home. We sure went to sleep early that night and we had no idea what was going on in America – at the time of the first terrorist attack in NY it was about 10PM September 11 in our birth country. I woke up pretty early next day and, while putting the water for coffee on the stove, I turned on the little TV we had in the kitchen.

Then I dropped down on a chair with my hands clenched on my lap. The disaster that was going on in the US left me speechless, with tears coming down on my face.

The country I loved so much was deeply injured. The horrific scenes of terror were hardly describable. My children came in one by one and stopped in the middle of the room confused and scared. One of them came and sat on my lap, and we prayed for America.

Will she recover?

The pain is not forgotten, nor the thousands who died. The wounded people and the first responders are still recovering. Many had learned to live with their heart broken. Others couldn’t do it anymore.

Are we a stronger Nation now after we faced the evil in so many ways since then?

I think we are. Because every time when we forgive and embrace others we drink from the magical fountain of strength.

Did we forget? No. We will remember.

Are we waiting for the evil’s raw hits unprepared? We know he is roaring and trying to steal, kill and destroy.

We are getting ready to face it every single day. Some of us might pay the big price, but most of us will be victors.

The gatekeepers are doing their mission, in any capacity we are called to be. We love. We forgive. We embrace.

But we also are here to defend this land.

September 11, 2001.

We will not forget.

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