About me


I was born in Romania in a nation related to the Roman Empire. We are old.

Stories and fairytales, they were my world.
I was twelve when I started to write sitting in my boring Civic Education class. I wrote my first novel when I was in the ninth grade, but I lost the manuscript. Anyway, the storyline was pretty dangerous for those days under the communism, but full of excitement for my classmates who read it.

I wrote another novel, “Daria”, after I finished High School. There were courageous people who dared to copy it and send it all over Romania underhand for groups of youth. I continued to write, and after the falling of the communism in 1989, I was published. These books were in Romanian language.

When I moved across the ocean, I was 46 years old.
My English was poor, so I started to study and read books.
It was a fountain inside me that needed to overflow in the new language. I began writing in English, but it was a disaster. My children were my severe critics and I continued to learn and grow.

One day I was advised to start writing children’s books. I did that and I’m thankful. Meanwhile, I worked on two novels, and one is getting edited and pretty and mysterious to walk on the stage before Christmas this year, 2015.

Some say I have humor and that they enjoy reading my stories.
See for yourself: Rodica Iova in Books on Amazon.com


*living on the West Coast

*former elementary teacher

*4 kids and 6 grandkids

*published 21 children’s books on Amazon in English

*did the illustrations for 19 of them

*10 books (5 novels) published in Romanian, 9 of them by traditional publishing houses

*member of the Orange County Writers

*love doing author visits in schools

*Facebook fan: “Rodica Iova – Author” Page

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