Vegetables Can Be Scary

You don’t want to touch that seed even though it looks harmless. “The Mysterious Cabbage” is on Amazon. Handle it with care.
The Mysterious Cabbage -cover

Dang! Crack That Walnut

If I say I’ve self published 8 children’s books( google my name on Amazon in books)  and did a 50,000 word novel (still in work) in the past 18 weeks, you’ll label me as crazy. And that’s correct.

If I’d say sometimes I’m tired, you might believe me. But there is a fantastic spring of stories in my pockets and when they well up, I get on my laptop to collect the juice- it’s that easy.

There are days when I don’t get out of the house, but only to pick up the daily paper from the driveway. And there are mornings when I take a tour of our neighborhood in SoCal in my slippers, talking to the dog walkers, greeting people while passing by their house, praying loudly in my native Romanian language and picking up oranges I find on the sidewalk from the orange trees around.

This brings me back when I was little and used to collect walnuts wherever these trees were on my strolls. I would stop and crack them with a rock right there under the tempting tree.

What was I saying?  Dang!


Aaaahhh! I Finished NaNoWriMo

It just happened that I finished it, praise God! Waking up at 3, 4 and 5 in the morning, biting my nails, trying to keep up with life while writing like a machine may not be fun all the time. My mainstream fiction novel “Just Saying” is not finished. But I will work on it on my pace, with only one cup of coffee and keeping breathing. Anyway, it was a great experience to be crazy enough and write a novel in a month. When mine will be out there, go and buy it. It was written in blood.   2013-Winner-Square-Button

National Novel Writing Month Still On #NaNoWriMo

While writing the last part of my #NaNo novel ( still some thousands words to go ) there are so many things flooding my soul from my grandparents’ and my parents’ fascinating memories.

“Just Saying” is a fiction, inspired from real events and very much alive people in 1920s to 1970s in Romania. It’s getting a touch from the time when the country was under the harsh Austrian-Hungarian Empire and to the troubled years under the Communism. Romance, drama and secrets, they sprout out together, revealing a society craving for freedom.