Patience and Kindergarteners

I –  filling up some paperwork.
She: Would you play with me?
I: Of course. Just give me a few minutes to finish this.
She, leaning on my arm: I will stand here until you finish.
I: OK. It will take a little bit.
She: That’s fine. (Bending to see my face.) Would you play with me with the ball?
I, keeping writing numbers and stuff: Just give me a little more time.
She is silent for one second. Then: Look, we have this small ball. It’s a plastic one.
I, nodding my head.
She: Are you done?
The ball lands on my lap.
She: Sorry, Buni!
I: Don’t worry. Just let me finish this and we’ll play.
She waits. She sits on one of my legs and rocks the chair.
I master this.
Then we play with the ball.

Hey Boys, Be Ready!


Hey, boys,
Make acquaintance with Victor the donkey in
“Keep the Donkey Around”
and be ready for a mysterious adventure in Transylvania.

Billy Boo the cricket will tell you what happened one night when his home started growing hair in
“One Strange Wagon.”

“The Death of Mr. Earthworm”
might be too enigmatic for you.
Don’t read it.
You don’t want to know what happened in this strange story.
Skip this one.

Well, Onion the cow is still there in your face in
“The Annoying Cow.”
Jonah had to deal with her a lot.
Yes, a lot.

Charming Whiskers comes in five books.
He goes to school, joins the choir and finds himself in the Navy… He is kidnapped; he calls the FBI and the city hall.
He makes his sister’s bed in the laundry room and calls grandma to come and stay with him.

Scroll down on Rodica Iova’s Amazon page and choose a mystery and a good laughter.