Her Message

imagesI was on Facebook, when a young reader messaged me. I loved, loved our conversation :

“hi Rodica Iova are you an auother”

“Yes, I am:)
Did you read some of my books?”

“i think we got one or 2 of your books we got one called Pepper and the open gat and the one with the wagon i loved those books they were so cut i really loved pepper and the open gate”

“Oh, thank you! Yes, Pepper is a darling. Still around here, at one of my friend’s house.”


“Yeap! I wrote another book about her: Pepper and the man with a shack – mysteryyyyy:)”

“oh than i might have to ask my mom to order that one.pepper and the open gate left of at a good part!”

“Haha, I knew my readers would like to read the next book:)”

“it gets me pumped up to think about the ending of Pepper and the open gate!
now its my little brothers turn to read it !”

“I’m glad you are a team there.”

“i bet he’ll love it!”

“You have to tell me what he thought:)”

“I will
are you writing a new book yet?”

“Oh, yes:) A few:)”
“i wanted to ask if you could wright a book about fairies?”

“Fairies? Oh, that would be something new for me.”

“oh im gonna go now i want to play with my brothers..”

Pepper and the Open Gate

Pepper and the Man with the Shack